Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas but I've never been one to use elaborate decorations in my house. I don't completely redecorate, have a lavish theme, or drape every square foot of surface with tinsel and lights. Our life is simple and casual; our home is a comfortable ranch style, so I use items that blend into my decor. 

This year I sewed something new for my ceramic Santa Bear and Missus to stand on. Using scraps from my earlier Christmas stocking project and some narrow black cotton strips, I pieced a kind of stained glass effect. They now happily reside on the sofa table in our living room. Aren't they precious? 

I like to add something special to every room, just a bit here and there to make the season beautiful. To keep things from becoming cluttered, I put away some regular items to have room for holiday pieces.  I bring out old favorite decorations and supplement them with fresh flowers, along with pine cut from our trees.

A small metal tree with sleigh bells and rustic ornaments sits on our kitchen counter bar. This year Jerold added lights to it and I love the look. We're eating our meals by Christmas lights!  Who knows, I may keep it out for a while.  I could decorate it for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, Easter...

Useful Notion: Here are a few ideas to add quick and simple Christmasy touches to your home.

  • Switch out sofa pillows and throws for ones with Christmas themes.
  • Add spicy cinnamon, evergreen, or peppermint candles to set a sensory holiday mood.
  • Put a pretty bow on a mirror, lamp, or candelabra.
  • Hang a Santa hat on a coat rack.
  • Sew or buy holiday aprons, dish towels and potholders.
  • Pine cones in a basket make a simple table centerpiece.
  • Drape twinkle lights on top of a china cabinet or bookcase.
  • Tuck little Santas, wrapped gifts, or stuffed animals on benches, chairs or tabletops.
  • Fresh greenery, candles or snow globes work well on bathroom counters.
  • Substitute framed holiday photos for your regular family ones.

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." -- Norman Vincent Peale