Monday, June 27, 2011

Think About This: Random Quotes

This week has been a relaxing one, but with a few twists and turns along the way. I came across these quotes and found them interesting. 

Maybe you called it right the first time. Synchronicity. Life isn't a series of random events at all, but rather an expression of a deeper order.” --Billy McCall
Go ahead and ask the questions that must be asked. Say the things that need to be said. Perform the tasks that are to be done. Follow the dreams that flow from who you most sincerely are. Put thought into what you say and do, yet refrain from being paralyzed by an excess of imagined scenarios.” --Ralph Marston 
Focus not on past regrets, but on tomorrow’s opportunities. Regret weighs a ton. Living with words spoken or unspoken, deeds done or deeds left undone, and actions taken or not taken is one of the biggest burdens people can carry. Living with regret will not allow happiness, joy, energy, and peace back into your life. Regret is like a long shadow darkening the path behind you as well as the way ahead. If your focus is on yesterday’s regrets, then by your own choice, you allow them to be part of your tomorrow.” --Bryan Dodge
Decline to be caught up in wasteful, destructive power struggles.” --Author Unknown
Someone is going to criticize what you do. Do it anyway. If you truly desire it, and believe in it, and know it’s worthwhile, then it’s something you are meant to do.” --Ralph Marston
Even someone who is agreeable and charming may have some devious intentions. Do not let yourself trust people just because they seem trustworthy -- wait for proof! Watch for people who are smiling broadly today -- they may have something to hide.” –Daily Horoscope