Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Sewing: Light, Cool, and Simple Shirts

Temperatures here have been in the mid to upper nineties, so I've done most of my errands and outdoor work in the early morning. After laundry and such, I had time to play in the sewing room during the heat of the day.

Armed with a tall glass of sweet tea, I pulled out the lightest fabrics from my stash to whip up some new summer shirts. They are comfortable, nicer than a t-shirt, and can be worn over a tank top for a crisp, cool look. 

The two shirts pictured are from one of my favorite patterns. New Look 6407 is a fitted shirt with several collar and sleeve options. For simplicity and ease of wear, I chose not to use the darts in front and back but the tapered side seams give a nice fit.

Four finished seams, sleeves, a collar, buttonholes, buttons and I was done in just over 2 hours each from cutting table to wearing. It's a good thing they don't have speed traps for sewing machines, or I'd be in big trouble!

Useful Notion: Don't be afraid to modify or adjust a pattern to suit your mood, your fabric, or your creative style. Add or delete pockets, change sleeves, use contrasting fabrics for collars or facings. That's part of the fun of making your own clothing. 

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....Martin Luther