Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Projects: Earring Organizers and Pretty Beads on a Chain

Here are a couple of quick, easy projects to create for Mom or for yourself. 
Display earrings where they can be seen, instead of cluttered in a drawer. All you need for this project is an embroidery or quilting hoop, some tulle fabric, and a short piece of lace. You can use several smaller hoops or a large one. Lay the tulle over the inside hoop, slide the outside hoop over, then tighten the clasp. Pull the tulle snug, then trim close to the edge on the back side. Mom can hang her earrings by color or style. 

For post type earrings, use a medium piece of lace, push them through the holes and clasp on the back. I used a decorative pin as a hanger. 

These hang beside my mirrored closet door, making it easier to coordinate with what I'm wearing. I found the embroidery hoop at a yard sale last year, and had the tulle in my stash.
Now that she has additional storage, make Mom something pretty to add to her collection. Costume jewelry is easy and fun to create with quick change beads. You can find the basics at any craft store or in most variety stores with a craft department. Choose a simple silver 16” chain with small clasps and string it with colorful, inexpensive beads. Make sure the holes are large enough to slide easily onto the chain. Add a focal piece or keep it simple. Give her a few extra beads in silver or colors to mix and match. Hoop earrings can be made in a snap, too; there are several styles available.

Useful Notion: Creativity doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Walk through a craft store for may discover a simple project that leads to a new hobby.

My mama taught me that I had the power to achieve my dreams, to find my own way, and to be responsible for myself.” ~ Katie Scarlett