Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Fabulous Things About May in Tennessee

I love my home state of Tennessee. Each season has special qualities, and I try to enjoy all of them.  Here are five fabulous things about May, in no particular order.

Portland strawberries
Strawberries -- These sweet, succulent, bright red, juicy berries are my favorite fruit. I prefer them this way: shortcake, pie, cake, right out of the field, on ice cream, on cereal, on biscuits, coated in chocolate, with whipped cream, in a get the picture. Too bad they only produce for a few weeks. Fresh is best, but homemade jam or preserves run a close second. 
Festivals -- Tennessee has a wide spectrum of festivals and events during the month of May. We celebrate strawberries, barbeque, arts & crafts, colonial and renaissance fairs, music, main street and downtown, heritage, gardens and flowers.  Search online or go to to find one close to you. 

Flowers –- Roses, peonies, and iris are blooming abundantly now. These romantic flowers are both delicate and hardy. Amazing arrays of color and exquisite fragrances delight my senses and sometimes cause a bit of sneezing! But their beauty is worth it.

Holidays -- Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day bring celebrations with family and friends. Mexican food, guacamole, and drink on the fifth, spending Sunday with mama in the middle, then a big finish grilling out or heading to the lake. Good times.
Yard Sales -- Warm weather around here sprouts more than flowers. Watch for bright signs with arrows that make diehard junkers slam on brakes and hang the corner on two wheels. Spring cleaning has produced lots of stuff from the depths of closets and basements. Ready to shop?

Useful Notion:  Be selective about the bargains you find at garage sales...think how you'll use, repurpose or incorporate it into your life before you bring it home. 

"Enjoy May's colorful blooms, green grass, songbirds and all of nature...soon it will be too hot to go outside at all!"  -- Anonymous