Monday, February 28, 2011

Blue Jean Lady Traveling Light

Little Jeanie  © 2011
Now that I'm retired, jeans are my basic uniform. They're comfortable and fit my casual lifestyle.  My phone, slim wallet and keys fit nicely in the pockets.  I love to travel light, especially when I'm shopping or running errands. It's very liberating to dash into a store without having to keep track of a purse. Although I love pretty purses and bags, they tend to become cluttered with stuff and weigh me down. The ones I do carry are little and lightweight. I keep a small bag in the car with makeup and a few other essentials.

Since I got a new Droid phone, I've been experimenting with ways to carry it. My other phone slipped easily into a front jeans pocket. This one doesn't. I tried a leather case with belt clip, but I don't always wear a belt. This winter, I've kept it in my coat pocket. Designs for a cell phone bag have been bouncing around in my head...something small that fits the phone, earbuds and extra battery.

A few days ago, I was digging through the scrap box and saw some nice denim pieces left from where I had cropped a pair of jeans last summer. (Did I mention that I keep lots of scraps?) I folded up the leg, stitched the raw edges, and a cute bag was born in no time at all. To keep the phone from sliding out, I added a couple of snaps at the top. But, what to use for a strap? Not enough denim was left. I remembered a leather belt that I don't wear any more, attached it to the bag, and I was done in less than an hour.

Useful Notion: One person's trash may be another one's treasure. Bits of seemingly useless junk can be combined into art, clothing, or accessories. Look beyond the obvious to find a creative use. Once you start, it's tempting to keep everything, so set specific space limits and purge often by actually using your scraps.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. — Maya Angelou