Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome To My Sewing Room

As a long-time sewing enthusiast, I tend to relate everyday thoughts and activities to sewing.  Watching a sunset gives me color palette ideas for a new project.  Listening to music can help me decide whether to organize my sewing room or just get to work on that half finished piece that I set aside last week.

My passion is creating useful items from rescued pieces of gently used clothing, vintage notions, and leftover bits of fabric, textiles, ribbon, buttons or lace.  I love to try new techniques in quilting, journals, clothing, and mixed media.  Follow along as I share sewing tips and inspiring quotes from life in the sewing room.

Useful Notion:  Look around for fabric scraps, frayed clothing, old linens and other unused material.  Toss them together in a bin or basket.  Consider how you might use them as you go, then peek into the bin when you need inspiration.  The bonus--you'll clean up your work area!
"Imagination is your best friend...let her out to play more often" -- Katie Scarlett