Monday, January 31, 2011

Tossing Clutter and Seeing Shadows

Color sorted & accessible!
The first part of last week was icy cold and snowy. The weekend was beautiful, with bright blue skies and high temperatures nearly sixty. Tomorrow will bring rain and cold again. That's winter in Tennessee, all right, you just never know what to expect.

One of the dreary cold days, I tackled a task I've been putting off: sorting through my closets. I have many, many clothes.  Now that I'm retired, my wardrobe needs are significantly different. My style is much more casual and relaxed. I still love clothes and like to look nice every day, so I'm not lounging around in sloppy old sweats. But professional suits aren't something I'll wear very often, so out they went. 

I was ruthless. Sort of. OK, you know I couldn't get completely rid of ALL these beautiful, colorful items. You'll find some of them in bins on my closet shelves, ready to repurpose for later projects. I think my favorite old tweed skirt will make a really cute purse. 

Have you ever noticed what happens when you start organizing or cleaning in one spot? Is it just me, or do you begin to see much more that needs doing in every room? It's contagious. Now you can guess about the rest of my week...I just had to toss more clutter, dust mop floors, rearrange a shelf, move a lamp, catch up the ironing, file paperwork, and clean baseboards.

I was distracted from my indoor mission by warm weather and sunshine. As much as I love snow, I couldn't resist being outside with the sun on my face after such a long period of cold weather. I wanted to throw open the windows, but it was kind of chilly for that.

Because of all this cleaning and outdoor time, I didn't get any design, art or sewing done. And I just noticed that my craft room has become a bit cluttered. Wonder if the ground hog will see his shadow this week? I need to spend a few days in there organizing my supplies.

Useful Notion: When purging your closet, think about how you might repurpose an item before you toss it. If you love it, but it doesn't fit or has gone out of style, don't be afraid to cut it up or take it apart. The pieces could become something new and useful. If you're tired of it, send that one for donation. 

Remember that thrift stores are great sources for unique, crafty fabrics...look for long skirts and menswear. But don't take home more than you brought in!

“If you don't love it, use it, or wear it, it's clutter!” – Marla Cilley