Monday, January 24, 2011

Making A Piece Of String Into Something I Can Wear

Winter is pretty much the only time I am motivated to crochet.   It's nice to have my hands busy on a cozy project while I watch TV or listen to music.  However, I tend to buy yarn when I see it on clearance or at yard sales.  Beautiful colors and textures are always irresistible so I end up with several skeins of yarn, without a project in mind.  I might use the fibers to embellish pillows, journal covers, or clothing.  Occasionally I crochet scarves, vests, bags, or hats.

I really love creating something from my stash to use or wear.  Several weeks ago, I found a cute vest pattern and decided to start it right away.  Rummaging through my yarn bin, of course there wasn't enough of any one color to complete the project.  Mixing blue variegated cotton blend sock yarn plus natural cotton crochet thread created a unique look.

An added benefit of this project was relaxation.  I'm usually more intense about getting finished and on to the next idea.  I left this one in a basket next to my living room chair, and only picked it up a few nights a week.  Purposely taking my time was a genuine pleasure.  I found myself unwinding as the thread rhythmically flowed through my fingers.   Try it for yourself.  Slow down...enjoy the process of creating something beautiful.

Useful Notion: Free crochet and knitting patterns are available for download from most yarn manufacturers and craft/sewing websites.  The pattern for my vest is WR1782, from Red Heart (slightly modified).   For more ideas and inspiration, try these links:

Time spent sewing mends the soul. – Author Unknown