Monday, January 17, 2011

Distracted by a Tangle of Thread

It started with beads bouncing off the floor, going everywhere.  You know the feeling, a necklace breaks and you hear beads sliding uncontrollably toward every corner and crevice they can find.  I scooped most of them up, then got the broom to gather the rest.   Or so I thought.

Later that day, working on clearing off my desk, I slid my chair across the floor – crunch.  So I got on my hands and knees to find the wayward culprit that had jammed the chair wheel.  Boy, was I surprised!  All five wheels were wound with colorful threads from many sewing projects.  You couldn't see it from above because of the covers over the rollers.   It's a wonder they functioned.  I'm not particularly messy...well maybe a little.  But I do sweep my space after sewing projects to get the scraps off the floor.  How often do we actually get down at eye level with the rollers of our chairs anyway?

So there was my distraction.  I had to get all the thread out of the rollers.  And it was tightly wrapped.   Armed with scissors and tweezers, I began to pick out the bits.   Yarn, thread, serger tails, tiny fragments of fabric from who knows how long ago.  My husband walked by and pulled the wheels off to make things easier.  We couldn't believe how much stuff was in there.  It took a while, but after cleaning and a squirt of WD40, we popped them back on and I was rolling freely again.

Useful Notion:  The squeaky wheel doesn't always get the might be a jammed wheel that distracts you from the task at hand.  Both distractions give you an opportunity.  Sometimes you should stay focused and attend to it later.  But other times it could be better to go with it, because you never know what you'll find if you look up, down, over or under instead of straight ahead. 

"Life is sometimes like tangled thread...either sort it out or make a nest" -- Katie Scarlett