Monday, April 29, 2019


Calming colors of light aqua, cream and white give today's quilt a light, airy feel. I started with a 5” charm pack of aqua prints, cutting them with the Accuquilt signature block. I added 5” squares and triangles of scrap pieces and arranged them in a diagonal cross pattern.

Backing is a white and gray print. I quilted ½” apart with white thread in four quadrants, following the diagonal cross. Meditation is 46” square.

It coordinates perfectly with my recent queen size quilt (Cool Lagoon). Our master suite has been transformed into a calming retreat. With the addition of some ocean sounds, I'm falling asleep dreaming of the sea.

Sky above

sand below

peace within

We dream in colors

borrowed from the sea

Monday, April 22, 2019


I treated myself to a couple of birthday presents last week. First, I ordered a new extra large 30” x 60” cutting mat that fits my cutting table. This Martelli mat is commercial grade, reversible, and self healing. One side is purple, matching my décor. The reverse is a cheery yellow. The markings are crisp, with grids in ½” increments and numbered down the center as well as each side. You can even iron on it if you cover it with a good quality ironing mat.

Next, I splurged on an ergonomic rotary cutter from the same company. The design is unique, with a cushioned handle perpendicular to the blade, making it easier on the wrist and hand. There are right and left handed models. So far I love it! It has an easily operated spring loaded safety guard, and can cut up to 15 layers at a time with less pressure needed. The blades are supposed to last 3 to 5 times longer than typical ones. Check the Martelli website for details on both items.

Upgrades for my sewing space are apparently in process this year. There could be more. I spend a lot of time in here. Investing in better equipment, supplies, and accessories helps me enjoy the experience so much more. And that is a good thing!

A treat is a small pleasure or indulgence that we give to ourselves just because we want it. ~Gretchen Rubin

You have the freedom of indulgence. Be extravagant. Allow yourself to think and feel and do what you please and hopefully…everything you do will make your life better. Stronger. Enabling you to live in happiness. ~Michael Feeley

Monday, April 15, 2019


After a relaxing week at the campground, I'm staring right at a significant occurrence in my life. Yep, my 65th birthday is here; I have a Medicare card to prove it if you don't believe me.

I have officially reached that milestone. I am OLD. Senior. Elderly. Antique. Mature. Over the hill. Maybe even wiser. I have learned at least three things in this adventure called life:

1)  If it makes you happy, do it
2)  If it doesn't, then don't
3)  Go your own way

Turning 65 isn't so bad, really. I'm not yet senile, ancient, a doddering old crone, or ready for the nursing asylum. I have added a few extra pounds but they smooth out wrinkles and might give me a bit of a cushion if I fall down. My bones are occasionally creaky but isn't that what Aleve is for? I am still sassy, curious, and eager to learn new things.

There are nice perks to getting old. Senior shopping discounts save me a few bucks. I can eat early and get home in time for the news. Medicare costs less than my previous insurance. 

If the weather is bad, I can stay in and read. If it's pretty, I can play outside. I can sew all day if I choose to. I don't have to drive at rush hour or care what anybody thinks. I have plenty of time to enjoy my home and the world around me.

So what if I'm 65? It's just another milestone. Senior life is good. I've quit saying someday; instead I'm asking what about now? I'm looking forward to many more years of following my own path.

Now that I'm old,
I don't want people thinking
“What a sweet little old lady”
I want them saying
“Oh crap, what's she up to now?”

Monday, April 8, 2019

Cool Lagoon

This week's quilt is a big one...queen size for our bedroom. I chose fabrics in cool aqua textures, crisp white tone on tone, and a taupe and white print. I experimented with a couple of layouts in EQ8 software before finalizing the design.

Accuquilt's flowering snowball die made cutting and sewing the curves nearly effortless, but it still took a day to cut all the pieces for 64 twelve inch blocks. Large quilts aren't done overnight, so I set aside time each day to stitch a few blocks. 

Though patience is not usually one of my virtues, I enjoyed the process of working on this one. I used wide flannel for batting so it wouldn't be so heavy, then backed it with a white on cream circle print. White thread for quilting in a straight stitch made nice 2” squares in the aqua center sections. An uncomplicated quilting design made it easier to handle this big quilt on my Janome MC9400 home sewing machine. Cool Lagoon is 97” square.

I added a pillow made from my test block, and still need to finish reversible shams, one side in aqua and the other in the cream/white circles. 

A restful summery beach theme was my goal and I love the result. Taupe walls and sandy colored carpet in our bedroom give me the ability to change the look easily by using different colored bedding. 

Decorating with quilts is versatile because their designs can either be the focal point or just compliment other décor. To me, they make a house feel like home.

The ultimate luxury
is being able to
relax and enjoy
your home.
~Jeff Lincoln

Monday, April 1, 2019

Points Of Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors. This busy little 44” square quilt was cut with the Accuquilt half rectangle triangle die. Blue prints were combined in pairs with black, white and cream.

I added a 2” border of solid black to frame my work, and used blue paisley print backing. Quilting was sewn in a serpentine stitch 3” apart horizontally and vertically with gray and white variegated thread.

Points Of Blue

I had originally thought to keep all the blocks pointed in the same direction. While those neat rows looked nice, rotating the squares created a jumbled effect that I like better. You just never know how a design will play out.

Don't be fooled today!  


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