Monday, May 6, 2013

Five Special Mother's Day Ideas

The traditional Mother's Day gifts are most likely flowers, candy and a pretty card. 

That's what I usually give my mama. She expects me to bring her a couple of hanging pots of petunias or geraniums. Since she loves flowers, it's a perfect gift.

This year, however, I'm going to do something extra. Even though I'm not a mom myself, these five ideas seem pretty special to me.

TIME – Everyone wants to spend time with the people they love. Set aside a day or a few hours to do something with your mom and let her choose the activity. Even if it's just drinking iced tea on the porch, make the experience fun and relaxing.  

CHORES – Look around and notice what needs to be done around her house. Painting, mowing, weeding, a leaky faucet, moving furniture, or just regular housework. Don't make a big production out of it, just do it.

SHOES – No mother would turn down a day of shoe shopping or a cute pair of shoes, no matter if they're 4 inch heels or comfy house slippers.

PHOTOS – Scan a few photos of the family, vacation pictures, or outdoor shots around her home. Mount them in pretty frames and help her decide where to display them.

A LIST – Write a list of the special qualities she has, things she's taught you, why you appreciate her, fun times you've shared, and what you love about her. Put it in a frame or write it into a small notebook that she can keep with her.

With all these ideas, throw in a little laughter and a few hugs. You'll touch her heart and bring her joy!  

For those of you who are moms, have a fabulous Mother's Day!