Monday, July 25, 2011

Motivated and Inspired

Something has triggered my creative brain and kicked it into high gear. Maybe it was helping my mama paint her bathroom, or the shopping that we're doing to decorate it. It may be the ninety degree temperatures telling me to stay inside where it's cool. Whatever the reason, decorating and sewing ideas have been flowing in my head. I want to repaint the design wall and rearrange my craft room.

Last week I created designs for tote bags, table runners and wall hangings. I designed and quilted this one, Love My Coffee, on Friday. I'm halfway through with a table runner for my dining room that I started yesterday. I got a little distracted searching my fabric stash for the right colors of sage green, pale yellow, rust and gold. And, darn it, I had to stop to fix a sandwich for supper.

I love the sound of my sewing machine humming through yard after yard of material. I truly believe I am addicted to fabric...the variations of color, texture, weave and print designs. If you asked what's my favorite color, I'd say all of them! But I do have a pretty paint chip selected for my design wall. It's called Grape Jelly and it matches my chair. I can't wait to paint, but I have to finish that table runner first.

Useful Notion: Notice the colors and textures of nature as you go about your daily routine.  Browse through magazines and stores for ideas to stimulate the creative portion of your brain.

I keep my tables full of needlework and quilting so I don't have to dust them.”
~Author Unknown