Monday, March 28, 2011

Three Easy Ways To Add Positive Energy To Your Space

This time of year, the weather doesn't seem to be able to make up it's mind which season it is. One day is sunny and 80 degrees, a week later there's sleet and cold rain. The fluctuating temps can play havoc with our mood and our energy.

These three simple ideas will create positive energy in your home or office space to keep the crazy weather blues away. Put on your favorite music and try them.
  1. Flowers – Pick up some fresh spring blooms at the grocery or florist. Or dash outside in the cold rain to pick a few of your own so they won't get frostbitten. Arrange them in a pretty vase and place them on your desk or kitchen counter. That should make you smile and brighten up the room! If you're allergic, natural silk flowers can have the same effect without the sneezing.

  2. Art and Photos – Choose a special family photo or scene that you love and keep it near you. Rearrange the pictures you have or move them to a different room. Change your computer wallpaper to something cheerful. Frame an affirming message and put it where you'll see it often. 
  3. Clear Space – Your mood and energy will benefit from clear space, even a small corner. Somehow it both calms and energizes the mind. Take 15 minutes now and straighten any horizontal surface near you. Toss clutter, put away distracting items, file papers and only put back things that make you smile or are necessary for what you're doing today.
Hope these help...enjoy the week!

Useful Notion: Rearranging your furniture can give your space a new look at no cost. Angle your desk so that you can see out the window or look at a beautiful picture. It's an easy way to create positive energy.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori Proverb