Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Things Comfortable & Cozy

The first two weeks of February were down right cold, but last week was delightfully warm and spring-like.  My daffodils and forsythia are budding out. I hung laundry outside to dry in the breeze. Yesterday afternoon we grilled steaks after a high temperature of nearly 70.  I believe the ground hog was right and spring is on the way, which is all right with me.

We bought a new 5th wheel at Christmas and have spent the past two months getting it ready for camping. It has lots of clever storage, which we've been filling with clothes, linens, dishes, kitchen utensils, campsite gear, lawn chairs, games, and more. It's like furnishing a small apartment, so extra items from the house have been requisitioned for use in the rig. Shopping for new stuff has been so much fun! Once we're done, we'll only have to load our food before we hitch up and hit the road.

I have been happily sewing a few accessories to make it cozy. I already had a quilt that matched the bedroom décor, so I stitched up some throw pillows for the living area. Luckily, I had a length of fabric that coordinated with the couch and recliner. Another piece of fabric, left over from a quilt, was just enough for a tablecloth. So now everything's all homey and ready for relaxation when the campgrounds open for the season. Until then we might just pull it to the edge of the woods and camp in our own back yard.

Useful Notion: Shop around in your own home before buying something new. Your closets, storage areas and shelves may reveal a forgotten treasure that can fill the need. Think creatively and enjoy saving some cash.

If daffodils are budding and wasps are flying slowly, can spring be far away?” – Author Unknown